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PVC Lining Soffit 300TU




Width: 30cm 

Length: 2.9m, 5.8m, customized length

Thickness: 8mm



Temperature: -30℃  TO  70℃

Life time: 10 YEARS

Product Description

Product Details

East Building Exterior Plastic Laminated Cladding can offer benefits that are not available from other cladding materials. 

It is a very attractive and beautiful option. 

One major benefit is cellular pvc cladding cost. Wall cladding cost includes materials, labor and finish during installation, and maintenance requirements thereafter. PVC cladding is typically designed with ease of installation in mind, it is wide & light in weight with consequent savings in labor costs. PVC does not need any finishing like painting. These factors make installation of PVC cladding’s the lowest cost option.

Our PVC cladding also does not need much maintenance. Washing with water only can make it look like new. It does not degrade by exposure to UV light, and can even filter UV light while letting in light to interiors (where PVC is used in translucent curtain walls etc).

Our PVC cladding is a plastic product and like all plastics, it is healthy and mostly recyclable. New PVC scrap and cuttings can be recycled, while used material might be used as core (with a coating of new plastic) in panels.

On the other hand, it does not cause air pollution like painting and does not use as much energy as aluminum.

PVC cladding does not accumulate difficult-to-remove dirt. Any superficial dust can be washed off. It does not result in significant condensation and does not shed particles to any significant degree. Any surface water can be easily wiped off or dried out.

PVC is a preferred material for cladding walls in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, diaries and such establishments where hygiene is important. PVC cladding makers typically take care to conform to the hygiene standards prescribed in relevant regulations.

PVC is versatile and can be produced to incorporate different properties needed for different requirements. Colors, heat resistance, resistance to chemicals, fire resistance, insulation properties etc can be controlled while making PVC sheets. This makes it possible to select the right kind of sheets for different environments.

PVC is a workable material that can be bent and cut to meet needs during installation. The sheets are often designed to enhance such work-ability. This feature makes it easier to cover walls completely and neatly using PVC

With a range of colors, patterns and textures, our PVC Laminated Cladding can provide the kind of look your prefer. They can be selected to suit special themes and produce different kinds of decorative effects.

PVC cladding systems typically come with profiles and trims that make them easy to install. Panels might be designed for flush interlocking, and to hide fasteners such as nails used to fix them to walls.

PVC cladding is great on many counts. They are hygienic and can create pleasing exteriors. Their properties can be tailored to meet special needs like resistance to heat, chemicals, fire and UV light. PVC is a workable material that can be bent or cut to suit local needs.

It is easy to install PVC cladding systems. They are typically designed to fit flush, with interlocking panels and other devices, and come with finishing accessories like profiles and trims. They can even be designed to keep all fasteners invisible and behind the scenes.

PVC Wood Grain Soffit Lining

Approximately 90 percent of its weight is UPVC resin, with the remaining 10 percent being ingredients that impart color, opacity, impact resistance, flexibility, and durability. It is one of the most commonly installed exterior cladding for residential construction in western countries.


● Renolit UV Resistant films

● LG UV Resistant films

● Light and easy to Install

● High Strength

● Strong Texture

● Luxuriant Color & Natual Designs

● Good Insulation

● Waterproof System

● Class A fire rating

● Rotproof

● Hygienic & Healthy

● Ranges of matching trims, fixings and accessories

● Easy to clean

● Impact resistance

● Durable

● Installed life expectancy of at least 15 years

● Excellent alternative to traditional timber.

Accessories / Trims / Profiles / Corners

PVC Wood Grain Soffit Lining


What is East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding ?

East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding is made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride); a light duty material-foamed with UV resistant films on the top that provides luxuriant color, natual designs, ease of maintenance, light in weight, durability super strength and never rot to the exterior of your home. Its main benefits are light in weight, strong, better insulation, more rich / natural woodgrain textures, easy maintenance, weather ability and customizable. One of the characteristics of laminated cladding is its variable weather and never rot. Braving the beautiful but strong summer sun to winter blizzards, houses are perfect candidates for PVC laminated Cladding / Siding.

What are the benefits of East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding?

It is used for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating woodgrain / wall papper designs,  luxuriant color, natual designs, never rot, light in weight and used for replacing your exterior wall, materials like aluminum composite, wood, WPC, ceramic, or fiber cement.

Besides giving your house a clean new look, PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and time on the exterior of your home. Other benefits of laminated cladding are light and durability and increased insulation. It can be beautiful and is customizable in color and type to match any home. The biggest benefits of cladding are never rot, light weight, low maintenance and luxuriant color & designs. 

Do I ever have to paint my cladding / siding again?


East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding is virtually maintenance free. The most you ever have to do is give your home a washing with water once or twice a year.

Does  East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding fade?

East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding is producing with world top grade films, surprisingly durable in the harsh sun and extreme mountain weather. While all substances will fade, cladding /siding fade is minimal, happens very slowly and any abnormal fading is covered by the lifetime transferable warranty.  The life are guaranteed color stability for 15 years outdoor.

What colors of your PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding do you offer?

Types of cladding / siding and accessories offer more than 50 colors and textures in the swatches and can be customizable in color.

Is your PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding really as durable as everyone says?

Absolutely. The correct technical name for the material used in East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding is polyvinyl chloride. It's a strong, durable, proven material that has earned a solid reputation for its beauty and permanence. It's used in automotive applications, medical devices, defense weapons, appliances, floor coverings, and of course, home construction.

How long is your PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding warranted for?

East Building PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding is warranted for both 7 years and 15 years including parts an materials. It is fully as well.

Does it come with matching trim?

We offer wide variety of trim pieces for you. Everything from function utility trims to substantial wide trims resembling dimensional lumber, fluted corner posts and decorative crown molding for window headers.

Does your siding have seams?

It is designed to provide a virtually seamless appearance. It needs to be overlapped at the ends to cover an entire wall. A good siding installer will lap your siding away from traffic to further minimize the laps.

Is there any best season to have my new cladding installed?

Not really. You can have your vinyl siding installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. Regardless of when you have your new siding installed, you'll enjoy the immediate benefits of improved appearance, as well as the long-term benefits of durability and easy maintenance.

How involved is the installation process?

The installation is much less intrusive than customers believe. There is absolutely no customer preparation work involved. Reliable cladding and windows will take care of everything from the initial estimate to the siding installation.

How does your PVC Laminated Claddding / Siding compare with other siding materials?

In a way, it's almost no contest. When compared to wood, WPC, brick, stone, stucco, cement and metal sidings on the basis of initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, our laminated cladding is clearly superior.
 We offer ranges of colors and textures, so you can choose one that most suitable for you. Whichever you choose, you can expect the highest quality and lasting beauty. And most cladding / siding never needs painting or staining. It doesn't chip, peel, dent or rot, so you can forget costly repairs. Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose. In addition, our PVC laminated cladding / siding are backed by a strong warranty. And because it is the preferred by more and more homeowners, it retains most of its installed cost. Moreover, premium PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding provides all the beauty of expensive wood sidings with your choice of smooth or grained surfaces; rich, low-gloss colors; and full range of classic profiles.

If painting isn't required, how do I maintain my PVC Laminated Claddding / Siding ?

It's simple. There really is no maintenance, just occasional cleaning.
 Ordinarily, the cleaning action of a rainfall will be adequate to wash your PVC Laminated Cladding / Siding. However, in those areas not exposed directly to rain will be washed by water. If you desire to do a more thorough cleaning, or where high soil collection conditions occur, use a long-handled washing brush. It attaches to your garden hose and makes washing your siding easier.


A poor installation can lead to unattractive warping and buckling of your siding.

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