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What are the Different Types of Siding?

Dec. 18, 2020

Do you want to place some new siding on the house, or do you want to build a new house and need to choose the siding option? As a Vinyl Soffit Manufacturers, share with you.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is undoubtedly the most popular choice of siding among homeowners, mainly because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. You can find many different kinds of vinyl siding, including vertical or horizontal panels, milkshakes, scallops and fish scales. And many kinds of color modeling.

Upvc Wall Cladding Panels

Upvc Wall Cladding Panels

The biggest benefit of vinyl siding is its relatively low cost and excellent durability. After installation, most vinyl siding will have a 30 to 40 year warranty. You can also choose a variety of colors from vinyl, and it is very easy to clean with power washers and hoses. If you are looking for a simple, economical option, then you really cannot do better than vinyl siding. Keep in mind that it is not waterproof, will bend under extreme conditions, and the color cannot be changed or repainted. It can also be damaged by hail or branches.

Brick siding

Brick siding is more durable than vinyl siding. It can last for more than 100 years and maintain good condition. You can choose standard brick or brick finishes, the outer layer of brick is only located outside the house. The biggest advantage of bricks is that they are relatively maintenance-free during their long life. It is fireproof and can completely resist termites.

Metal siding

The advantage of metal siding is that it will not mold or rot, require little maintenance, and will not fade over time due to exposure to ultraviolet light. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly options available. Each panel is precisely cut and can be made from recycled materials. Like bricks, it is also fire-resistant. You can find it in aluminum or steel. However, if installed incorrectly, the metal siding may rust. Aluminum is a soft metal, so it dents easily. Metal is also easily scratched, and if it is not resealed or repainted, it may cause rust.

Wooden siding

Wooden siding is natural and eternal. You can choose a variety of wood for the siding, the most common are cedar, pine, fir, and in some parts of the country, redwood is also included. Wood is light in weight and is the most environmentally friendly option on the market. It can be dyed or painted into any color required, and has a high R value insulation. However, compared to other types of siding, it requires more maintenance, is easily damaged by water and insects over time, and is not fire resistant.

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