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How to Install Decorative Wall Cladding?

Mar. 17, 2021

As a PVC Panel Supplier, share with you.

With cladding, efficiency and style can be improved. The installation process should be as seamless as the final design.

Wall panels are lightweight and easy to install. With tongue and groove edges, panels can be sewn together or cut into small pieces.

In order to obtain the correct size of the cladding, you may need to cut the PVC board. When cutting panels, always use a fine-tooth saw to get the cleanest and most accurate surface effect. Before applying a panel, you should always evaluate it to avoid deleting it later. Always remember to consider existing fixtures, such as pipes or lighting fixtures.

Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl Cladding

Choose solvent-free strong adhesives to fix the cladding to the wall or ceiling. Solvent-free adhesives are water-based and odorless, not to mention easy to use. Solvents are dangerous to inhale in small spaces, and since cladding is usually installed in smaller rooms, solvent-free adhesives are always a safer choice.

The adhesive can be easily inserted into the sealing gun, and the adhesive can be stuck to the back of the panel. The adhesive should be applied with a trowel. If your surface is uneven, you need to use more adhesive to compensate. Once the first panel is pressed to the wall, the other panels will also require adhesive, but can simply be inserted into the tongue and groove of the previous panel. Seal the joint with transparent silicone to form a safer waterproof performance.

When screwing in, tighten the lower panel of the tongue and groove to increase the fixing strength.

How to clean the decorative facade?

Decorative cladding is a low-maintenance solution that can resist most stains or water damage, but please make sure to wipe or clean the cladding from time to time to extend its service life. Using antibacterial cleaners will help maintain hygiene and resist harmful bacteria on the walls or ceiling.

Warm water and wipes are more effective than cleaning traces on the surface of the coating, and the surface is smooth. It's new every time!

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