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PVC Hollow Roofing




Width: 88.00cm

Thickness: 10mm
Wave Height: 40mm

Colors: single colors

Texture: smooth

Temperature: -20℃ to 80℃

Life time: 20 years

Product Description

PVC hollow structure heat insulation roofing is a high weatherproof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation product. 

Relying on 15 years' experience of PVC outdoor vinyl siding production, we develop a roofing product for resident houses and farms as well.

After years heat insulation test and application test, we now launch this PVC hollow structure roofing for outdoor use, with the main features of weatherproof, heat insulation and durable.

Product Details


The PVC hollow roofing can effectively reflect sun UV radiation and solar heat, which assure that under the sunlight, house inside is able to keep a low temperature.

Heat insulation:

Compared with color steel plates, galvanized steel plates, and asbestos tiles, the house decor by PVC hollow roofing, its internal temperature is much lower and not affected by external sunlight, and house temperature will not rise up rapidly.  

The hollow structure formed by dense ribs can doubles the strength-bending resistant.

The cross-section hollow design makes up for the lack of rigidity of the PVC single-layer board through the cross-section reinforcement ribs. The hollow design also greatly improves the heat insulation of the product, reducing the penetration of external high-temperature heat into the product, and into the houses inside, avoids the poor heat insulation effect of the PVC single-layer products.

The hollow design also makes our roofing light in weight, aeration cooling and saving energy.

Good Durability:

PVC hollow roofing contains special anti-aging material, coupled with excellent chemical resistance, it can be used for a long time even in harsh environments.

It can maintain the true product color and strength of the product for a long time.

It has stable performance at -20°C to 80°C.

PVC hollow structure roofing has low thermal conduct, basically impervious to infrared rays, have an excellent heat insulation effect. The sunny-side of the roof panel can reflect most of the sunlight energy, and the surface temperature is much lower than that of asbestos tiles and color steel sandwich tiles.

Due to the use of special technology and ingredients, the product has particularly good durability, high impact strength and long service life.

It is 100% chemical & corrosion resistance, will not change color or become embrittled if it is exposed to corrosive gas or liquid such as strong acid and alkali.

However, color steel plate will be severely corroded and perforated after 1-2 years in a high-concentration ammonia gas and acid-base environment, and the cost of changing the plate need also be considered.

PVC Hollow Roofing

PVC hollow roofing is Eco-friendly, energy saving and cost-effective product.

It is a preferred roofing material for buildings, factories, houses, and farms.


● UV Resistant

● Light & easy to Install

● Thermal insulation

● Energy saving

● Waterproof System

● Fire resistant

● Rotproof

● Hygienic

● Easy to clean

● Impact resistance

● Durable


PVC Hollow Roofing


What is PVC hollow roofing?

PVC hollow roofing is made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride); a heavy duty material, co-extruded that provides ease of maintenance, durability and strength to the exterior of your home. PVC hollow roofing's main benefits are its clean look, easy maintenance, weather ability and chemical resistance. 

What are the benefits of Eastbuilding PVC hollow roofing?

High specifications, fast work, low budget, weatherproof, anti-corrusion, ASA sun UV radiation proof, engergy saving. 

It is used for any houses roof, and used replacing your old roofing materials like color steel plate, wood, asphalt shingle, or fiber cement.

Besides giving your house a clean new look, PVC hollow roofing can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and time on the exterior of your home. Other benefits of PVC hollow roofing are durability and good heat insulation. It can be beautiful and is customizable in color and type to match any home. 

Do I ever have to paint my PVC hollow roofing again?


Our PVC hollow roofing is virtually maintenance free. Surface is ASA co-extrusion with the color you requet. 

Does Eastbuilding PVC hollow roofing fade?

It is surprisingly durable in the harsh sun and extreme mountain weather. While all substances will fade, PVC hollow roofing fade is minimal, happens very slowly and any abnormal fading is covered by the lifetime transferable warranty. Our PVC hollow roofing are guaranteed color stability for 30 years.

What colors siding do you offer?

Types of siding and accessories offer 13 colors in the color chart and can be customizable in color.

Is PVC hollow roofing really as durable as everyone says?

Absolutely. The correct technical name for the material used is same to our vinyl siding products. It's a strong, durable, proven material that has earned a solid reputation for its beauty and permanence, which used in automotive applications, medical devices, defense weapons, appliances, floor coverings, and of course, home construction.

How long is Eastbuilding PVC hollow roofing warranted for?

PVC hollow roofing is warranted for 20 years including parts an materials. It is fully as well.

Does it come with matching accessories?

We offer nails and nail cap for you. Without many accessories, PVC hollow roofing is very easy and fast to install. 

Is there any best season to have my new PVC hollow roofing installed?

Not really. You can have your PVC hollow roofing installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. Regardless of when you have your new roof installed, you'll enjoy the immediate benefits of improved appearance, as well as the long-term benefits of durability and easy maintenance.

How involved is the installation process?
Please visit our website and Youtube page for insllation video.

How does PVC hollow roofing compare with other roofing materials?
Thanks to the main features of heat insulation, durable, cost effective and save engergy, if compare with other roofing materials like color steel plates, galvanized steel plates, asphalt shingle and asbestos tiles, PVC hollow roofing has all these features that other roofing doesn't have. 

If painting isn't required, how do I maintain my PVC hollow roofing?
It's simple. There really is no maintenance, just raining cleaning.


A poor installation can lead to unattractive warping and buckling of your roofing.

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PVC Hollow Roofing

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