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What are the Reasons for Installing UPVC Ceilings?

Mar. 30, 2021

As a PVC Ceiling Panel Manufacturers, share with you. UPVC ceilings are becoming more and more popular in bathrooms and kitchens. Compared with traditional ceilings, plastic ceilings have many advantages, which make them more suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and rooms under steam and humid conditions.

Advantages of plastic ceiling

The main advantages of plastic ceilings come from the characteristics of plastics, such as:

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White Upvc Trim

Plastic is a non-hygroscopic material and will not absorb water. The advantage of this plastic in the bathroom is that the steam from the bathtub or shower will not be absorbed on the ceiling. Therefore, unlike traditional gypsum ceilings, which are moldy due to absorbing steam, plastic ceilings are not moldy.

The plastic ceiling is easy to clean with any household cleaner or wet/dry cloth. The plastic ceiling just needs to be wiped quickly from time to time to make it look like new.

Plastic ceilings do not need to be painted. Never again spend expensive painting and repainting of bathroom ceilings on weekends. The plastic ceiling has a selected color and can be installed immediately.

Easy to install, plastic ceilings are easy to install with limited tools. A qualified DIYer can install a plastic ceiling within a few hours using only a hand saw, auger or a staple gun and a silicone gun, and can install it on an existing plastered or outdated ceiling.

It can be installed together with the downlight, which is a good way to hide the wiring. Downlights, also called spotlights, are a common upgrade in bathrooms and kitchens, but require additional wiring and drilling holes in the ceiling. The plastic ceiling is very suitable to cover the damage to the existing ceiling caused by the downlight installation, so there is no need to replaster and paint the ceiling.

The plastic ceiling can be installed on a wooden or metal frame.

Plastic ceilings can be used as suspended ceilings.

Disadvantages of plastic ceilings

Like most things, plastic ceilings have some disadvantages:

Due to their structure and the plastics from which they are made, heat can damage the ceiling, which means that the lighting on the ceiling must be energy efficient and not generate a lot of heat. Need to install LED bulbs etc.

Due to the way the plastic ceiling is installed, the connecting lines between each panel may be visible.

If a plastic ceiling is newly installed, static electricity will accumulate on the surface of the board. This charge is not enough to harm people, but it is enough to attract dust. This is easy to remove, but it may take a day or two to dissipate the static charge.

After installing the plastic ceiling, you will not be able to change its color. If you want to change the color of the ceiling, you need to install a new wall panel.

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