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What is the Installation Method of the Siding?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Vinyl Soffit Manufacturers, share with you.

Wall panels are mainly retaining walls or decorative panels made by people according to the needs of the wall. It is mainly divided into: solid wood siding and medium density siding.


Solid wood board

Solid wood siding is the most traditional siding. Generally used for the decoration of high-end villas and clubs. It is a luxurious decorative building material. Ceramic tile wall panels and porcelain panels are too heavy in quality, inconvenient to transport, fragile, and cumbersome to install, requiring professional workers to decorate, and many other problems.

White Upvc Trim

White Upvc Trim

Medium density board

MDF incorporates a variety of characteristics combining various raw materials and technologies, so composite boards have many advantages in terms of performance, but due to the different raw materials and technologies of the products, the quality of the products is also different.

Installation method

Installation method of American siding:

1. Installation materials and tools

American siding, skirting, edge trim, tooth saw, 25mm final nail, hammer, nail punch, ruler, woodworking combination square, panel adhesive such as nail-free glue.

2. Install the skirting line  Measure and saw the exact length suitable for installation on the wall, and check whether the surface is clean. Apply nail-free glue or similar panel adhesive in a Z-shape before installation.

Install the siding on the wall to ensure that the groove line of the base line is facing upwards, and nails should be used to enhance the firmness, and then check whether the base line is aligned horizontally.

3. Install the wall panels  Insert each wall panel into the groove line of the foot of the base, and use nails or adhesives to fix the panel on the wall. Start with the inner corners, if you are right-handed, install from left to right, and vice versa. The groove of each wall plate is for easier and tighter installation, keeping the groove side facing the direction of your installation. Leave some space to maintain the flexibility of the plank. Measure and make the second wall panel fit tightly. The last wall panel may need to be trimmed to be embedded.

4. Install the edge trim  In order to complete the installation, make sure that all the wall panels are tightly fitted to the skirting. After accurate measurement, the edge trim is placed on the upper end of the wall panel, and the bottom end of the wall panel has a groove that can be embedded into the wall panel. For easy installation, use nail-free glue or similar panel adhesive when laying the board.

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