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Vinyl Faux Stone Rock Siding

Jul. 16, 2020

·     Aesthetic velors – panels maintain their initial, unchanged looks throughout years, they do not tarnish, do not lose color.

·       Light construction – allows for the easy assembly without the need for the engagement of a lot of staff or equipment.

·       Resistance to external conditions – atmospheric conditions (temperature variations), chemical and biological agents, mechanical damage do not subdue to the process of corrosion.

·       Easy and quick assembly – all of the panels are resistant to the influence of water, moisture, low and high temperatures, the so-called “dry technology”, enables for the execution of       

      assembly within all atmospheric conditions.

·       The easiness of the maintenance of cleanness – all of the panels may be washed with the application of water, or water with the additive of a detergent.

Vinyl Faux Stone SidingVinyl Faux Stone SidingVinyl Faux Stone SidingVinyl Faux Stone Siding