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China PVC Wall Cladding Panels: A Sustainable Solution for Modern Construction

Aug. 08, 2023

China pvc wall cladding panels are a real alternative to tiling and have a tonne of benefits, which are listed here. There are several advantages to wall panelling.


1. Totally and completely waterproof

All of our China pvc wall cladding panels  include a tongue and groove interlocking technology that makes them waterproof and watertight. All of our panels are water and moisture resistant because they are mostly made of PVC or MDF with a waterproof coating on the panel design. Wall panels are completely waterproof, and once fitted, they provide a water-tight enclosure that prevets any water from leaking into your shower or bath area. This is because to the interlocking tongue and groove design.


2. No Grout Is Necessary


China pvc wall cladding panels  enable quick and inexpensive room transformation without the need for considerable grouting or preparation. Wall panels are particularly resistant to mould accumulation as there is simply nowhere for moisture to become trapped; everything simply goes out, which is crucial when it comes to the interior of your shower and bathroom area. Wall panels also do not require dirty grout that attracts mould over time. Without grouting, upkeep is simple and your intended appearance will endure.


3. Insulation Against Heat


Walls and floors made of traditional porcelain and marble tiles are quite chilly. Because the tiles transmit all the heat away, they make bathrooms frigid, costing you money to heat a space that will never become comfortable. On those chilly winter days, it can be uncomfortablely cold, and with such poor thermal insulation, your fuel costs could be much increased. China pvc wall cladding panels  will not only significantly reduce installation costs by adding an extra layer, but it will also help you save money on domestic fuel throughout the winter.


They insulate your bathroom with outstanding thermal insulation qualities, keeping heat inside and minimising your fuel costs. As opposed to tiles' cold surface, bathroom wall panels are warm to the touch. What's not to appreciate about a warm bathroom and cheaper heating costs?


4. Directly install panels over practically any existing surface

It is possible to install China pvc wall cladding panels and shower panels directly over existing tiles, panels, chipboard, plaster, painted walls, solid brick, or concrete. With their tongue and groove interlocking technique, panelling boards may easily cover almost any surface, and even a novice DIY enthusiast can install panels.


We advise using silicone as the glue for placing over a non-porous surface, such as pre-existing tiles. In order to ensure that the panels and adhesive can make a strong connection with the existing tiles, it is generally advised that tiles be well wiped down and free of any residue before to installation (we recommend sugar soap).


5. Fast and Simple Installation

All of our wall and shower boards have a tongue and groove interlocking system that allows them to be easily interlocked along the chosen wall. All panels are also exceedingly simple to cut, making for a straightforward installation. A dedicated DIYer may easily install these panels because we have a variety of informative tutorials on how to measure for wall panels and how to install panelling. Check out our Youtube account, where we have a tonne of installation films, for a more visual experience.


We advise utilising a solvent-free glue, such as the pink grip we sell, which is an instant grab adhesive, when putting over a porous surface like plaster board, chip board, etc. China pvc wall cladding panels  are excellent for hiding any imperfections on current wall surfaces. For a flat and tidy installation, we always advise adding an extra dab of adhesive where the wall has imperfections.