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PVC Fluted Siding For Interior and Exterior

Sep. 22, 2022

China No.1 manufacturer of PVC Siding and Soffit

Best quality -  10 years guarantee.  

Lowest cost - 50% cheaper compare to WPC cladding.

Elegant looking - 6 different models, 36 colors available.

                             - see the picture is our panels application.

Most easy to fit - 100% light in weight than WPC, ACP.  
                        - All our PVC siding system has slots and click system, enable to save 20% of your fitting time.

                        - Can be applied on any materials of the wall.

Most safety - 100% waterproof, fire resistant. Sun UV proof.

Application for exterior and interior ceiling, wall cladding, corridors, houses, garages.

PVC Fluted Siding For Interior and Exterior

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