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What are the Most Popular Types of Vinyl Siding?

Oct. 30, 2020

As a Vinyl Siding Supplier, share with you. There are several different types of vinyl siding, but five styles are the most popular and are indeed suitable for many different home styles. Vinyl replacement siding is a great way to change the appearance of a house and really increase its containment power. Remember that all these vinyl siding types are available in multiple colors, so you will be able to easily create your dream home.

Dutch vertical siding

The most popular type of vinyl siding is Dutch knee. This style was first used by the early settlers and its origin can be traced back to Northern Europe.

Vertical siding

Vinyl Siding Foam Insulation

Vinyl Siding Foam Insulation

If you want to decorate a specific area, destroy the exterior wall of the house or can be used as a whole for a modern appearance, vertical siding is a great choice for your house. When used as a decorative element, vertical siding is most commonly used for entrance passages, porch walls, gables and even skylights. Although vertical siding is often considered a modern design element, you can also create a rustic barn look based on the style of the house and the color of your choice.

Shake plate

The appearance of the rocking siding is that logs and logs overlap each other to cover the house. Since vinyl replacement siding now has a good texture, most people cannot tell the difference between vinyl and wooden rockers.

Sector siding

Scallop-shaped siding can be used for the entire house, if you want to do so. More and more people choose to use scallops to decorate the upper floors of houses, eaves, gables and roof windows. Fan-shaped siding consists of half a round shingles, if you have a lot of vertical or horizontal lines, the rounded edges will destroy the pattern on the house. Many Victorian houses have fan-shaped siding to emphasize different architectural features, and the color is usually different from the siding of other parts of the house. No matter how you use scallops, you will ensure that you create the look you always want.

Benefits of vinyl siding

Although there are many types of vinyl siding, one thing is the same, and that is the advantages of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about painting, staining or rotten wood. All you have to do is enjoy and clean it with a few simple steps from time to time. If there is indeed a loose wall panel, you only need to replace that one.

Another benefit is that vinyl siding can increase the energy efficiency of your house. With a good insulation layer, you will definitely be cool in summer and cool in winter-and reduce hearing and cooling costs! Vinyl siding is cheaper than wood siding, but due to the way it is manufactured, designed and installed, it can still give a wooden appearance.

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