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How Long Can My Coating Last?

Sep. 19, 2020

As a Vinyl Soffit Manufacturers, share with you.

Maintenance and durability: how long can my cladding last?

Upvc Cladding

Upvc Cladding

If properly maintained, the wood cladding can be used for many years. In particular, cedar is a very durable wood. Compared with other types of wood, its resistance to decay and pests is much better.

For wood, the most important thing is to minimize moisture that can cause decay. This means that you should keep a top coat of paint or stain to seal the wood to the component. Painted wood needs to be prepared and repainted every 5 years, while stains need to be repainted every 3 years. It is important to maintain the maintenance of the wooden wall surface, because the flow of moisture can cause the paint to crack and peel, which can cause deterioration of the wood below.

The maintenance cost of fiber cement is extremely low, and (only when and when necessary) requires simple cleaning with hoses and soapy water. The paint on the cladding is guaranteed not to be cracked, peeled or chipped for 15 years, and the windshield itself has passed the BBA certification, and the expected service life is more than 60 years.

Fiber cement is also very durable. Due to its high cement content, it is immune to termites, woodpeckers and other pests. It can prevent rotting, warping and cracking, and can withstand extreme weather including rain, snow, hail, scorching sun and even hurricanes.

Like fiber cement, uPVC cladding has lower maintenance costs and a similar life expectancy. Aesthetically, although unlike fiber cement, the topcoat looks more rustic and longer than the original wood, but over time, it is easy to fade, warp, crack and sag. In very cold weather conditions, it will also become brittle and easily cracked.

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