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Comparison of Different Wall Materials

Mar. 20, 2020

Comparison of different wall cladding materials costs

Cladding is considered one of the quickest solutions to improving the looks, insulation and structural integrity of a building, and there are a few types of cladding people can choose from. 


Cost of cladding depends on whether it’s vinyl siding, vinyl weatherboard, timber, aluminum, stone veneer or render. Type of material will determine whether you pay $3.5 per square meter, or $310 per square meter. Cladding installation averages about $55 per hour

How much does cladding cost? It will depend on the type of cladding you purchase. Cladding can be vinyl siding, vinyl weatherboard, WPC, timber, aluminum, stone veneer and painting and each will have a different price. You also have to calculate the installation cost for cladding. These are some of the costs you can expect to pay for cladding and installation.

1.    How much does vinyl siding cost?

2.    How much does vinyl weatherboard cladding cost?

3.    How much does WPC cladding cost?

4.    How much does timber cladding cost?

5.    How much does aluminum cladding cost?

6.    How much does stone veneer cost?

7.    How much does painting cost?

How much does vinyl siding cost?


Vinyl cladding is one of the least expensive types of cladding. It doesn't require painting and can easily be washed clean. Especially it can be installed on any materials of wall, and very suitable for beachside with salty rain and heavy windy.

·       Vinyl siding materials cost will be around $1000, depending on the type of siding you buy.

·       Installation needs about 2 days, cost $880.

·       Total cost $1880 to covering a 200 square meter wall of the house. 

The quality of vinyl cladding can be important, the warranty on a product and the warranty should be for at least 10 to 20 years. Vinyl siding is UV resistant, flame resistant and easy to clean, looking alive. Maintenance of this involves occasional soaping, without the need for excessive or vigorous scrubbing or frequent cleaning. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and can have a timer texture or smooth finish.

Also, with the design flexibility of vinyl siding, it actually looks like timber.

This man-made alternative has the look of timber, but the way it feels is definitely not the same. However, it outperforms timber when it comes to its aesthetic value and structural integrity; vinyl siding will last for half a century even with very little maintenance, making it the more economical option.

It’s also worth pointing out that termites are not attracted to this vinyl material. As for insulation, vinyl siding needs to have that underneath to help create the ideal indoor temperature. All that work is easy enough to complete, though, because this type of cladding is lightweight and flexible, and therefore a breeze to install. On top of that, with all the accessories it comes with, achieving the most flawless finish is certainly easier with vinyl than with timber.

Unlike other forms of cladding materials, by virtue of being installed as boards, the vinyl siding can be replaced selectively in the event of any damage. This means that if a particular board has been damaged, you need not go in for expensive replacements of entire portions of the wall. All that you need is a replacement of the particular board.

How much does vinyl weatherboard cladding cost?


Vinyl Weatherboard cladding comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. vinyl weatherboard comes can be smooth or have a deeper timber texture than vinyl siding. It can also be scalloped, notched or notched with a groove to look like separate panels. Some costs in Australia's most popular type of vinyl weatherboard be applied on a 200 square meter of wall house:

·       Vinyl weatherboard materials cost will be around $2000, depending on the type of siding you buy.

·       Installation needs about 2 days, cost $880.

·       Total cost $2880 to cover a 200 square meter wall of the house. 

Besides all the advantages that vinyl sidings have, vinyl weatherboards have much deeper timber textures, thicker of material, better shock resistance, foaming technology, light in weight, excellent insulation, ECO friendly. Premium quality with 20-30 years’ warranty.

With the choice of the foaming material, it is possible to not only improve the appearance of the exteriors, it is also possible to optimize the heat retention abilities of the structure, with superior foam insulation. 

The preferred material vastly improves the quality of the exterior walls.  You will also get to reduce the noise levels that go into or out of your home, lending you greater privacy and liberty. The spectacular designs that are available in the weatherboards make it a great choice from a design point of view.

It is extremely suitable for these very cold and very hot countries.

How much does WPC cladding cost?


Wood Plastic composite claddings are similar to the Wood Plastic composite decking popular for outdoor decks. The composite material usually consists of cellulose fibers that are bound together with a synthetic resin. The resultant material is very durable, weather-resistant and usually highly UV-resistant.

·       WPC cladding materials cost will be around $3500.

·       Installation needs about 3 days, cost $1320.

·       Total cost $4800 to cover the house with 200 square meter wall need to cover. 

Wood Composite cladding tend to have an integral colour and require no paint, some may need sealing every couple of years. Wood composite cladding is usually the most expensive plastic material. They are very heavy for installation.

The actual WPC will vary between manufacturers and so too will the performance. To clarify how a specific composite cladding performs it is worth contacting the supplier before you make any decisions.

How much does timber cladding cost?


Timber cladding has the warmth and look of timber, but how much does it cost? It can come in a variety of timbers and some costs you may be looking at will include:

·       Timber cladding materials cost will be around $600-$2400 for different woods.

·       Seal cost $3000.

·       Installation and sealing needs 4 days and $1760.

·       Total cost $5369 - $7160 for covering a house with 300 square meter wall. 

You will also have to seal the timber and installation will be an extra cost. Two coats of sealer may be needed and if you want to save on installation costs, sealer is not hard to apply, but you need to work on a ladder and may want to have the sealer professionally applied for a two floor home.

This traditional cladding material, if treated, will last an incredibly long time. However, over the years it will need to be repainted and re-oiled to maintain its appearance because the color will change and it will be prone to splitting or cracking. Also, there are some types of timber—Baltic pine, in particular—that’s not suitable for coming into contact with the ground; this is an issue if you actually wish to use this type of timber.

If you will choose to go with untreated timber, you get the natural beauty of wood such as the gradation of colors, the rings and grain. The problem is that pest infestation will likely become an issue. Termites will definitely want to chomp on wood, and they will if the timber’s not treated with a coat of termite-repelling product. When termites attack, your thousands of dollars’ worth of beautiful timber cladding will be reduced to a “hole-y” mess.

How much does aluminum cladding cost?


One of the most usual aluminum cladding products, which comes in a number of profiles and colors, some costs may be:

·       Aluminum cladding materials cost is around $6000.

·       $1200 extra recommended for coastal areas.

·       $4000 for grids for install clicking aluminum cladding

·       Total cost $11200 to install a house with 200 square meter outdoor wall.

The prices are approximate and may be different from different suppliers. Some cheaper is also available, but may not come in as many colors as usual and less years of guarantee.

How much does stone veneer cost?


Stone veneer can be used to clad an entire house or used as a feature wall to enhance the appearance of a house. Stone veneer is usually made from cement, but the cement painted and colored to look like actual stone. It has a number of benefits, including thermal resistance, fireproof, acoustic properties.

A stone veneer feature wall can add value to your property. How much does stone veneer cost? Stone veneer should be installed by professionals because several steps are needed to ensure the stone veneer is installed correctly.  The cost of the stone veneer and installation is often quoted as one price, include both the stone veneer and installation:

·       Depending on the type of stone veneer you purchase, total cost for a 200 square meter wall house is $46000 – 62000.

How much does painting cost?


Painting is usually done on brick homes. Painting is a wet solution and may require two coats. Painting costs between $30m2 and $50m2 and a typical house may have up to 400 square meters, so the actual cost can be between $12,000 and $20,000.

Painting can add value to a home, so the initial cost may be made up for when you sell your home. The article goes into more detail about rendering and whether a rendering expert needs to be licensed in your state.